Hua Sai Cat Sanctuary

Welcome to our web site

How it all started:
"The Beginning"

Hi and welcome to our web site.
We hope you will enjoy what you see here and like the photos and stories that we have placed here.
We moved to Thailand in December 2007, to a small town in the South East called Hua Sai. Unfortunately we had to leave our cat, Pearl, in the UK, she is now living with my mum.
Not long after we moved here my wife said that she had heard of a kitten being abandoned near a local junior school, “Can we go and see if we can find it?” she said.

That's where it all began...

Lucy's Story in a Poem (Video)

What happened next:
"The Middle"

Not long after we found Lucy, we kept finding kittens in remote locations, at schools, in rubbish bins and bus shelters etc.
They had been left there by people that did not want them, and some were in very poor condition and health. So we took them in.
More kept arriving, and we started the "Hua Sai Cat Sanctuary", to try and help these poor little kittens have a good life with good food and somewhere safe to live and play.

And it just kept growing...

Feeding Time

The story continues
"Not The End!"

We keep on finding more and more abandoned cats and kittens, some of which live at our home and the rest at the sanctuary, which is some land we have behind my Mother-In-Laws house. We have built a 'Cat House' on the property and a small house for my Sister-In-Law, who moved down from Bangkok to help us look after the cats. Our web site has lots of details about our cats, the sanctuary and useful information about cats. Please have a look around and if you feel you would like to help us in our quest to save more cats and kittens you can donate by clicking on one of the donate buttons.

The quest continues...

The 'Cat House'